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Monday, July 31, 2006


“To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simply need to know what to do.” - Anthony Greenbank

Wednesday, the 26th was a day I can never forget, in fact it was a double twist, walking out of Diamond Bank, and I had a double mind; the teller had overpaid me by a sum of N1, 000.00. Looking at the load of expenses I had to foot the next day (Dami’s naming ceremony), I am sure you can support me in my walking out of the bank without any sign of guilt. But as we all know, the God in me will never let me rest, so I grudgingly walked into banking hall and handed back the money to the teller who was oblivious of the situation. The responses that greeted me were shocking; the teller beside the grateful teller actually regarded me as if I was from outer space.

Well, there was no time for regret; I had actually done it so I looked forward to seeing my mentor who was once an acting CEO of a prestigious bank. My mentor, amongst her other accolades, is a mother of two children who were working in the states (the guy works with Cisco and the babe is an investment banker). I am sure you can extol my choice for choosing her as a mentor. The mentorship relationship has been on for 3 years with a lot of ups and down but we finally understood each other.

Walking out of the bank and facing me was Sweet Sensation, I immediately felt hungry, so I walked in. I was so used to Munchies that I immediately asked for Munchies Roll. The attendant gave me a bewildered look, and then it dawned on me I was in the wrong building so I simply asked for their own version of hotdog. A mere sight of their hotdog, made me understand why I always went for Munchies so I politely rejected it and asked for rice and chicken. Guess what? The rice was just too small, so I put up my usual charm and toasted the attendant who unwittingly obliged me by giving me extra spoon of rice. (Na wao, Sweet Sensation don turn to Buka)

As I sat down to grub, I reflected on the meaning of success, wealth and poverty. Does all this have anything to do with money? Then the question lingers what is money? The two scenarios of Diamond Bank and Sweet Sensation simply answered my questions. Money is whatever you decide to call it and what you call it is based on who you are. I imagined myself walking out of the bank with the one thousand naira and going to Sweet Sensation. I may have bought the hotdog which I will eventually not eat, then order for the rice and pay extra for the additional plate of rice to make me full. I would have spent the stolen one thousand naira without value and made the teller very bitter after realizing he could not balance his account at the end of the day. The teller may get sacked, if it was noticed by a boss that had given him a query on such issue. It will create in me a habit that will eventually catch up with me.

The choices we make and the web of events that can take place. I stood up realizing that all what we chase after is simply the everyday decision we make that gets us there. The future we see is simply the present we live. All the things we chase after, is simply within us. Being wealthy is not having more, but needing less. What we are looking for in Sokoto is in our Shokoto………..

Don’t bother about the product, if the process is right, the product is guaranteed”


Anonymous tboz said...

Wow. Good stuff

2:47 AM

Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Trust you to look at all the scenarious that might occur from just one action .

But it is true rarely will you find one who would return such, they might see it as God answering there prayer of prosperity all 1000 naira of it.

You and this your stomach, good post.

11:38 PM


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