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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Wistfulness, nostalgia and reminiscence; these are feelings that filled my soul as I read the poem below. The author of the poem (who enjoys being called Kim) was a member of POeT Team back in the days of Obafemi Awolowo University. She creatively weaved this poem with such depth that leaves any human heart very pensive. Here is a master piece that I personally kept for 6 years; enjoy!

She’s pregnant the doctor says
What joy erodes her mind?
A life of nurture and cherish
Growing inside her!

With such immeasurable joy
She spreads the news
As day crept past, weeks crawled past
And months dragged past

Such was the excitement within her
As she felt his heartbeat and his first kick with pride
With such care she picked out a diet
To suit the growth of her child

Such unknown joy she felt as the time finally came
Shaking within and maintaining an outer calm
She walked into the ward, shed her garments,
And went on the stretcher

Her life she endangered for a life she knew not
She was pushed to the theater
To be subjected to blade and scissors
But she closed her eyes and fantasized

The pangs of pain shooting through her
Brought her back to reality
She was about to bring life to somebody
Such unbearable pain engulfed her entire being

She screamed and tossed and turned
Her breath she held to give it breath
Her body she subjected to such pain
To give this creature life

Suddenly there was a release
A voice coaxed her on gently, guiding ordering
With all her strength, she pushed
Yes, the child was doing well, coming through the right path

Push, push, she pushed
Suddenly there was alarm, tension in the air
The child has gone the wrong way
She did try, oh, how she tried

But this child would not follow her again
She was lacerated but nothing done could save that child
He had been stolen, killed and destroyed
Such unknown and unbearable grief racked her

As she held the dead child in her hand in her arm and wept
This child is not mine, it never was mine
But how I loved it, such selfless love I had for it
She shook it with so much vigor,
As if that would bring it back to life
“Whose child are you?
I have life and cannot beget that which has no life
Whose child are you?”


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Hi Tajh,

I hope you wouldn't mind, I will like to reblog your Abortion 2 story on My Thots.....

The story perfectly reflects what I'm gong through at the moment......

I'll be waiting for your confirmation.....

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